Radu Mihai Enghis

I am a software developer, living and working in Germany. 

I  was  born  in  1957  in  Romania  city  of  Cluj-Napoca.
I have studied 4 years computer programming at the High
School for Computer Science in Cluj and I'm a graduate of
the University  Babes-Bolyai  from Cluj-Napoca, faculty of

I worked 19 years at the  National  Research Institute for 
Computer   Science.   My   first  areas  of  interests  were
compiler construction and operating systems.

Then I  worked 5 years as  the head of the IT department
for the biggest Cable Television company in ROMANIA.

In 2000 I moved to  Germany  where I work as a software
developer  for  a  company (belonging to the Bosch Group)
specialized in large scale security systems. 


Actually I'm interested in :

- Visual C++ Programming (with and without MFC)
- Windows programming
- .NET Framework and C#
- OPC (Ole for Process Control)
- embedded systems
- operating systems
- access control systems.

E-Mail radu.mihai@enghis.de